Will UK Dance Connexion change Zouk in London?

Many of you may know that I’m not the happiest chap when it comes to dancing Zouk in London.

As an experienced international Zouk dancer, I have an extremely one sided feeling about it, but at the same time, I can see the huge potential in London.

If you’ve not read my blog post that was published last year and wish to know my thoughts then you can read it here ‘How To Avoid Becoming A Terrible Zouk Dancer In London’. — Be warned, you may not like what you read and this is actually an edited “censored” version compared to my original blog post. My feelings haven’t changed much since the time of writing, but I’m starting to see some hope… and here are some of the reasons why…

The London Zouk scene has started to evolve and positive changes are happening:

  1. Zouk classes are showing more structure and trying to focus on basic fundamentals and correct techniques. Some changes have potential while some could be better but at least it’s a stepping stone. What I would like to see more of is the practice of health & safety and care for each other on the dance floor, but this will come naturally as awareness and knowledge increase.
  2. We now have Zouk Workspace every Wednesday. Zoukers have been making the most of this free space for self-development; to practice and share feedback with other dancers who are also passionate about improving.
  3. I’ve been interacting with many new Zouk leaders who will potentially shape the future of the London Zouk scene. These individuals have shown their love and dedication to Zouk and have been traveling all over Europe with the aim of developing a better understanding of the dance. Watching them grow in such short time gives me some hope for London. Each time they come back I can see enlightenment and the burning passion growing within.
  4. The most profound and my most highly anticipated change would be the launch of UK Dance Connexion, a new dance school offering subscription based, long term structured learning. I deeply believe in the two people leading this new venture, Pedrinho & Linda. These two possess the leadership, determination, international experience and technical dance knowledge required to provide the right education to the people living in London. With full control of their new school, they could do what is right for the student and not what the student wants or thinks they need. They are exactly what London needs to drive and develop it into a major Zouk destination. I’m so intrigued to see how effective their teaching methods are and how this school model will work in London.

I am very excited that UK Dance Connexion will be launching in September 2017; they are offering free taster days in July and August.

Sign up to their free taster day in August now because there are limited spaces and check out their website to see if they are offering what you are looking for. July was fully booked!

 UK Dance Connexion Facebook

 UK Dance Connexion Website

Not sure the different types of classes and what’s right for you? Not to worry, I’ll soon be publishing another blog post about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of classes and who it’s suitable for. Subscribe now and when I publish this blog, you’ll be first to know by email. — * UPDATE: It’s out! A Guide to Different Types of Zouk Classes *

Thank you for reading, Hoi from DZ.

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