Zouk Workspace Launch Day

Zouk Workspace Successfully Launched!

Zouk Workspace launched in London, every Wednesday at TheCockPit in Central London (Marylbone)!

Created for the passionate Zoukers who are looking to improve —  Zouk Workspace is a *FREE* studio space for you to practice what you’ve learned in classes.

Consistency is key to any form of success. If you want to be better in Zouk, then you need to consistently practice again and again until you can do it right every time.

This means having to turn up to practise every week (not just once), it means dedication and prioritising this time slot for self development.

Zouk Workspace is the perfect space for you and many others alike who wants to get the most out of Zouk.

Why? We know how much joy & happiness Zouk brings to life, it’s worth the effort! Share this if you know it’s true 🙂

It’s really that simple. So see y’all there!

For more details see Zouk Workspace.

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