Zouk Workspace


“A space to share dance knowledge and practice.”

Zouk Workspace is a new incubation project for Zoukers, bringing together passionate and like minded dancers under the same roof. This space is dedicated to share knowledge, practice and help each other’s self-development.

Zouk Workspace is NOT a replacement for Zouk classes and NOT for social dancing.

Table of Content:

  1. Can I join in the ZOUK WORKSPACE?
  2. Where and When?
  3. Why is it FREE?
  4. Why did we create the Zouk Workspace?
  5. What to expect in a typical Zouk Workspace session?
  6. Zouk Workspace Goals
  7. Zouk Workspace Usage Policy
  8. Further Questions

Can I join in the ZOUK WORKSPACE?

Zouk Workspace is *FREE* and open to the public for Zouk development use only. Any Zouker can invite themselves to the Zouk Workspace sessions.

Please come and leave anytime within our studio time (see next section for day & time). You are not restricted to come when it starts or expected to stay until the very end!

However if you miss the warm up at the beginning of each session, please understand it is your responsibility to warm up, stretch and prepare your body for dancing.

Note: Due to the size of the studio and depending on the number of attendees, we may need to restrict the number of people on a first come first serve basis.

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Where and When?

Day/Time: Every Wednesday: 7:30pm to 10:00pm (2.5 hour). Please come anytime between this period!

Location: STUDIO 1@The Cockpit, Gateforth St, Marylebone, London NW8 8EH.
(Please sign in at the reception then head to STUDIO 1 upstairs.)

How to get to The Cockpit: Closest Tube/Train Station is Marylebone and then a short 6-8 minutes walk. Also easily accessible from Edgware Road tube station.

Note: Due to the size of the studio and depending on the number of attendees, we may need to restrict the number of people on a first come first serve basis.

Please bring your own bottled water. There are also shops nearby should you need to buy some.

STUDIO 1@The Cockpit -> Closest Tube/Train Station is Marylebone and then a short 6-8 minutes walk. Also easily accessible from Edgware Road tube station.

Why is it FREE?

Each of our DiscoverZouk.com team members are donating to help keep this studio open for the community. We are offering you this space for *FREE* because of our passion for Zouk and determination to help London Zoukers develop into talented dancers. We would be extremely happy to see you use this space as part of your transformation.

For clarity, we are a non-profit organisation ran by a group of unpaid volunteers and our team members are giving up their own time, money & energy for you!

If we like what we are doing, then please support us. There is a donation box in the studio if you wish to make any donations which will be used to help cover some of the studio costs, and also bring more exciting Zouk projects & events for you.

Why did we create the Zouk Workspace?

There is a wise saying that says that for every hour of classes you take, there should be 10 hours spent practising.

Zouk Workspace aims to bridge the missing gap between taking classes and socials dances. We see classes as something very important for a dancer’s development. At the same time, social dancing is essentially the reason why we enjoy dancing so much, it is the moment when most dancers get to relax and have fun.

In a typical bar environment class, not private lessons nor structured studio classes, teachers often can only offer limited feedback at a one-to-one level due to the large number of students and time constraint.

On the other hand, we believe that social dancing is not the ideal place for practising because of dance etiquette. You should not stop halfway a dance and ask for input or feedback, even asking when the dance is over may be uncomfortable for some people, generally because most dancers just want to relax and dance.

We have created the Zouk Workspace for Zouk dancers to practice the dance fundamentals, what they have learned in class, and share their dance knowledge. Also, we highly encourage giving each other constructive feedback while in the Zouk Workspace.

Zouk Workspace welcomes ALL Zoukers, of all experiences, backgrounds and styles, whether you classify yourself as a beginner, improver, intermediate, advanced or even a master! There will always be something to learn from others, plus the constructive feedback you get could break that plateau in your development!

What to expect in a typical Zouk Workspace session?

What makes Zouk Workspace unique is the typical session format we highly suggest that could help any dancer improve. To give you an idea, here is an example of our typical 2.5 hour Zouk Workspace session format:

  • 15 minutes of warm up and body conditioning.
  • 50 minutes of simple basic Zouk fundamental practice, no dancer is ever too good to practice fundamentals. Zoukers can all work on a particular fundamental area or break up into smaller groups or even practice on their own.
  • 50 minutes of open practice. This is your own practice time to self develop or feel free to practice in small groups.
  • 10 minutes of reviewing feedback and using it to discuss topics to work on for next week.
  • 20 minutes of freestyle, just have fun and dance!
  • 5 minutes of cool down stretches.
  • We encourage everyone to provide feedback to each other throughout the session while it’s fresh. Please give both positive feedback and constructive feedback. Even a beginner should be able to provide useful feedback based on how something feels.
  • A mixture of Zouk Music will be played constantly at medium volume throughout the session, start to finish. Any music requests, please post them to our Facebook Event Page.
  • We would like every Zouker attending to follow this session format.
  • Strictly NO lifts – be considerate of other dancers using the space.

Please note, the use of the space and the dance practice are all at your own risk.

Zouk Workspace Goals

  • Giving Zoukers more control and responsibility over their own Zouk development.
  • Start bringing together Zoukers of all levels and dance experiences.
  • Seeing Zoukers improving their dance through our Zouk Workspace project.
  • We are hoping to be able to set up another Zouk Workspace at a different London location and day of the week. This will allow for more flexibility and location convenience for Zoukers who are unable to attend our Wednesday’s sessions.

Zouk Workspace Usage Policy

As a final note when using the Zouk Workspace. We only have a few restrictions and policy in place, so please read carefully and take notes of the following:-

  • Zouk Workspace is NOT for social dancing or a space for you to develop other dances.
  • Our organisation is not a registered company and we are not insured in any way. By using the Zouk Workspace, you have agreed that your health & safety is your responsibility. This is not our liability or responsibility. The use of the space and practice at the Zouk Workspace are all at your own risk.
  • Practice Safely; if it hurts, please stop! If someone is doing something that is hurting you, please stop them! If you see someone doing something majorly wrong and could potentially hurt others and themselves, please stop them! This goes for both ladies and gents. It is your body, you are responsible to ensure you prevent physical and mental harm from both, short term and long term.
  • Please be wary, considerate and respectful of others using the Zouk Workspace. Strictly NO lifts – be considerate. Majority of Zoukers already have an understanding for this, but this is something everyone should always keep in mind.
  • Please bring your own bottled water and dance shoes suitable for a studio floor.
  • Lastly, just enjoy and have fun!

Further Questions

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Facebook Page or email team@discoverzouk.com.